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About Us

Nýheimar Knowledge Center is a collaborative hub in South-East Iceland, bringing together various institutions focused on education, culture, innovation, and research.

Member Institutions

  • The High School of Austur – Skaftafellssýsla (FAS)
  • Hornafjörður District Office of Education
  • University Association of South Iceland (Hfsu)
  • Innovation Center Iceland
  • Visit Vatnajökull
  • Association of Municipalities in South Iceland (SASS)
  • University of Iceland’s Research Centre in Hornafjörður
  • Matís
  • Hornafjörður Cultural Centre
  • South East Iceland Nature Research Center
  • Vatnajökull National Park
  • Vöruhúsið

Our Mission

Nýheimar Knowledge Center aims to foster cooperation among these institutions, creating a vibrant knowledge community in the region. Our goals include:

  • Promoting positive regional development
  • Enhancing the quality of life in Southeast Iceland
  • Leading and managing collaborative projects
  • Developing and financing key initiatives that benefit the community

Core Activities

  • Project Management: Overseeing and coordinating collaborative projects.
  • Community Development: Initiatives to support regional growth and improve living standards.
  • Consulting Services: In partnership with SASS, offering advice on business development, innovation, and culture.


While our primary focus is local, we actively seek partnerships with similar centers both nationally and internationally. This includes participating in various collaborative projects.

Growth and Development

Since our founding, Nýheimar Knowledge Center has expanded its operations and staff. We now have a director and two project managers. Our funding comes from public contributions, cooperation agreements, and self-funding.

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