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Nýheimar knowledge center is a co-operation of various institutions working in the fields of education, culture, innovation and research in South – East of Iceland. The members of the center are: The High School of Austur – Skaftafellssýsla (FAS), the district office of education in Hornafjörður municipality, University Association of South Iceland (Hfsu), Innovation Center Iceland, Visit Vatnajökull, Association of Municipalities in South Iceland (SASS), The University of Iceland’s Research Centre in Hornafjörður, Matís, the cultural centre of Hornafjörður municipality, South East Iceland Nature Research Center, Vatnajökull National Park and Vöruhúsið.

Nýheimar Knowledge Center combines these different institutions together under one hat in order to promote cooperation and create a strong knowledge community in the countryside, promote positive regional development in the South-East and to improve the quality of life in the area.


One of the main tasks of Nýheimar Knowledge Center is to lead the co-operation of these institutions and manage their co-operating projects. The center’s work also involves the development and financing of core projects carried out by the center’s initiative and supervision. The center focuses on developing core projects that are considered to support the development of the community and increase the opportunities and quality of life of the area.

The Nýheimar Knowledge Center has a cooperation agreement with SASS on consulting in the field of business development, innovation and culture. Guðrún Ásdís, Nýheimar project manager, has from the beginning provided advices to individuals and companies in the area.

Although the Knowledge Center’s activities primarily confined to local community, it has increasingly sought collaboration with similar knowledge centers elsewhere in the countryside and abroad. Participation in various collaborative projects is therefore an extensive part of the center’s activity.

Since its establishment, the operations of Nýheimar Knowledge Center have grown in scope and the number of employees has increased, in addition to the director, the center now employs four project managers. Nýheimar income consists of the state’s public contribution, income from co-operation agreements as well as self-funding.


The Nýheimar Knowledge Center staff:

Nýheimar knowledge centers’ director is Hugrún Harpa Reynisdóttir (

Project managers is Kristín Vala Þrastardóttir (